• Hyper-specific, In-market Buyer Audiences

    Using a wide variety of intent signals and behavioral data from proprietary and third-party sources, we can help you reach a unique audience of buyers who have shown intent to purchase your specific type of technology.

    Audiences can be further segmented by industry, functional role, stage of the buying journey, and other factors that ensure you’re fully prepared for an effective sales conversation.

  • Flexible Sponsorship Options

    Designed to provide you with the opportunity to engage prospects at multiple touch points over the course of the buying process, GuidesFor sponsorships include a variety of tactical elements including banner ads, native content placements, digital media placements, and our exclusive PureMQL for down-funnel leads.

  • Exclusive Survey Leads

    When you want an even more detailed lead, our PureMQL delivers exclusive leads that are based on a customized buyer survey.

    In-market buyers answer specific questions about their existing product, pain points, and feature needs in order to determine which product is best suited to their needs, and we deliver leads and insights that aren’t available anywhere else.

  • Digital Audience Extension

    In addition to providing access to specific audiences within our GuidesFor Buyer Database, GuidesFor also enables you to expand your reach to “look alike” audiences across the web.

    By analyzing the attributes and behaviors of identified buyers within our own database, we can apply those same markers to the broader audience and deliver additional opportunities to reach the buyers who need your products.

  • Turn-key Implementation

    Putting the GuidesFor Sponsorship to work for you is a simple and streamlined process. Your dedicated account manager provides a single point of contact who delivers all the hands-on support you need to get your campaign up and running quickly and easily.

    You provide a few pieces of basic information, and our team handles the rest.

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