The Buyer Database

Meet the buyers you’ve been looking for

Effective lead generation is more than just a numbers game.

Our GuidesFor Buyer Database continues to grow. We’re at 30 million B2B decision makers and counting, and that doesn’t even include the ability to expand our reach via digital audience extensions. What’s most impressive about the GuidesFor audience is our powerful targeted strategy. Our five core buyer personas span IT, HR, sales and marketing, finance, and small business. We build audiences populated exclusively with in-market buyers who have shown an intent to buy. This winning approach gives our clients’ demand generation campaigns a critical edge over the competition.

Effective lead generation requires:

  • Quality Data

    Your lead generation success depends on the quality, accuracy, and depth of our data. This is why a core focus of our company is building unique and proprietary data assets and technologies that make a difference in your campaigns.

    We have a team of more than fifty highly trained people whose only job is to verify and validate the information in our database. We know that details matter.

  • In-market Buyers

    Marketing success, like many other things, is all about the timing. It’s not enough to deliver the right message to the right buyer. You also have to deliver that message at the right time — when the buyer needs it most.

    Our team is constantly innovating new ways to identify and quantify buyer intent using a wide variety of signals and behavioral data from our own as well as third-party sources.

  • Distinct Audiences

    One of the most powerful aspects of the GuidesFor products is our ability to build very specific audiences. Once we’ve identified them, we segment our in-market buyers based on industry, role, exact technology need, and buying cycle

    The specificity of our audiences allows us to market to them with an unprecedented level of precision.

By using quality data and intent insight to build distinct audiences who are the perfect target for our hyper-relevant GuidesFor content, we’re able to consistently and reliably deliver top-of-funnel and qualified leads that represent serious sales opportunities for your team.

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